Theory of Writing

I had not really thought about the theory of writing until I had taken Freshman English composition at CCNY. The only reason I had to write was for an assignment or requirement for certain things. I never written out of curiosity or entertainment, I was forced to write for a grade. The theory of writing changed when I got to college because writing is more about communicating with other people and writing down the thoughts in my head. The theory of writing could also be applied to the way people communicate with each other orally and I find it interesting that it is used to spread the messages and opinions that each one of us has. My writing allows people to understand me and find out more me. It could also allow the reader to formulate their own opinions and reflection.

Before I took freshman English Composition I didn’t really write much, but that changed when I realized that writing is not just about completing assignments and how it is a way of communicating. People today communicate in many different ways an example would be texting people do it all the time but this doesn’t accurately represent the theory of writing, however it show how the theory of writing could be applied to the ways people communicate with each other. Before taking this class I felt that writing is something that I just had to do for assignments and just something that I had to get done. I didn’t really enjoy writing and I still don’t but this class has shown me that writing is in almost everything that we do. This class also showed me that I can pick the topics that I want to write about and how I want to deliver my message. I was allowed to write about things that were important to me or something that I wanted to research more about.

In conclusion my theory of writing could be used in and outside of the classroom but it was important for me to understand that writing doesn’t have to be tedious but it can be something that anyone could do. It helped that in this class I was able to pick the topics that I want to write about. Also writing is about communicating with my audience and how they can understand my opinions and what I am thinking.

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